PSS is an independent publisher of printed matter, working with a variety of practitioners across art, poetry and theory.
PSS produces original publications as well as reprinted and unarchived texts.

PSS editors work on an irregular basis, informed by existing schedules, capacity and funded support garnered for each individual project.

All PSS distribution is currently organised in-house and as such also operates on an irregular basis, though we do our best to distribute publications with expediency.

PSS publications are designed in-house unless otherwise noted.


Books from PSS are available at the locations below. If you are interested in stocking titles from this website please contact us directly. PSS can ship orders to your shop for a shipping fee of £3-£6 and prefers to send an invoice up front for the shipping fee and cost of publications, subject to negotiation.




We seek to use Creative Commons licensing on the books we publish.


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